Special Line Vacs™


Manufactured to suit specific application requirements!

High Temperature Line Vacs can resist temperatures to 900°F (482°C) and are available from stock in hose or threaded models.
A 316 Stainless Steel Line Vac is used by a pharmaceutical company to convey pills and tablets to a packaging station.




Special Line Vacs

EXAIR manufactures special Line Vacs suited to specific application requirements. Configurations and materials can be made to facilitate your requirements.


The Line Vac can be engineered to retrofit existing machinery. This stainless steel flanged Line Vac is used to remove acidic vapors resulting from surface etching of the silicon wafer. Ordinarily, EXAIR’s Stainless Steel Air Amplifier would have been used since it moves much higher volumes of air. In this case, the Line Vac was the better choice since the exhaust piping was long with many bends that would have created high back pressure. The directed nozzles of the Line Vac overcome this downstream resistance.

A special 3/4" (19mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac evacuates fumes
from a silicon wafer etching operation.



The special flanged Line Vac (shown at right) is made of PVDF, a plastic that has high chemical resistance. In this case, the 1-1/2" (38mm) Line Vac was regularly exposed to a chloride wash, a chemical that would corrode stainless steel. QF flanges were provided on each end to allow easy removal of the conveying hoses for cleaning purposes.   

This special 1 1/2" (38mm)
Line Vac is made of PVDF to withstand a chloride washdown.



Filling small packets with fine powders or granulated materials such as salt or sugar is done using small tubes that are gravity fed from a hopper. This works well when the material is dry, however, moist materials would often pack the tube, blocking the flow. The special funnel shaped Line Vac (shown at right) created a suction on the existing tube to permit continuous product flow.

This special Line Vac is used to fill small packets.


The special miniature Line Vac with barb fittings (shown at right) was designed for a manufacturer of integrated circuit chips. It was used to remove microscopic debris during the chip making process. This small Line Vac generated high vacuum and was the perfect configuration for the confined working space. It has also been used by another manufacturer to vacuum liquid and chips from small drilled holes.

A special miniature Line Vac used to vacuum microscopic debris measure the same size
as a penny!