S 401 Versatile Flow/Consumption Sensor (Insertion Type)

S 401.jpg
The flow sensor is available in two measuring ranges S 401-S (standard range), S 401-M (max range). The unit can be ordered with and without local display.
The version with display shows the volumetric flow and the total compressed air  consumption. Via the keyboard tube diameters and the consumption counter can be set.
Various settings such as gas type, flow unit, reference standards, can be set ex factory or through our service kit. The service kit consists of a PC software and a interface box which connects the flow meter to the USB port of the PC.
Every flow meter includes an analogue output (4…20mA) for flow and a pulse output for the consumption counter.
• Insertion type sensor for installations under pressure
• Thermal mass flow, independent of pressure and temperature changes
• Velocity, flow and consumption can be displayed
• IP65 casing provides robust protection in rough industrial environment
• Very fast response time
• High accuracy and wide measuring range

• Tube diameters of 1” to 12” . Other diameters on request



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