Saving Energy - Exair New Reversible Drum Vac & E-Vac
21th Nov, 2008
There is no doubt that with the current status of the world economy and the price of energy, many companies are looking inward to find ways in which they can remain profitable. As manufacturing operations slow down, we have noticed that maintenance staff are looking for ways to save energy. The compressed air system is one area that receives a lot of attention in terms of increasing compressor efficiency, fixing leaks and implementing intelligent compressed air blowing solutions. This is where EXAIR comes into play. These EXAIR products will produce a far superior result using less energy every time.

 Increase your productivity with Lechler spray technology
14th Oct, 2008
We are proud to welcome Mr. Ralf Volland, Export Sales Manager (Environmental Technologies) from Lechler GmbH to Filtro Pte Ltd.
The purpose of Mr. Ralf’s presence is for a discussion with our customer regarding Lechler lance nozzles.
Product training was also conducted in the premises of Filtro Pte Ltd and Mr. Ralf shared with us the new solutions and products that will inject dynamism and creativity in serving our customers needs better.
Lechler is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing spray nozzles and systems. The company brings over 125 years of knowledge and experience to every spray application project that they embark.
The Lechler Group comprises of manufacturing facilities in Germany, the United States, England, India, and Hungary and affiliated sales offices in France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Finland, and most recently in China. In addition Lechler has sales representatives on six continents. So wherever you are in the world, whenever you have a spraying application need, a Lechler solution is never far away.



Newborn SPX Flow Techonology Korea
1st Oct, 2008 
We are pleased to announce that our principal is changing their legal entity name from Jemaco Flair Corporation to SPX Flow Technology Korea Co., Ltd effective October 1, 2008.
The name change is due to the significant expansion of their business which now includes product lines such as multi-brands of Dehydration far beyond the traditional Jemaco business.
The company will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts will remain un-changed. 
In the future, the renewed SPX Flow Technology Korea team will exert all the energies and efforts to fulfill the diverse and overwhelming demands from the market and head toward a world-class leading brands!
SPX Corporation is a Fortune 500 multi-industry manufacturing leader. The company offers highly-specialized engineered solutions to solve critical problems for customers.
SPX is focused on providing solutions that support the expansion of global infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the growing worldwide demand for energy and power. Its innovate product portfolio, containing many environmentally friendly products, includes cooling systems for power plants throughout the world; custom engineered process equipment that assists a variety of flow processes including food and beverage manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, distribution and refinement and power generation: handheld diagnostic tools that aid in vehicle maintenance and repair; and power transformers that regulate voltage for electrical transmission and distribution by utility companies.
SPX is headquartered in Chalotte, North Carolina and employs more than 17,000 people worldwide in over 35 countries. Visit



Exair's latest press release
The New 3" Adjustable Air Amplifier for cooling. drying, venting and exhausting applications.
The 3" Adjustable Air Amplifier produces a high volume, high velocity airflow to cool parts like the glowing hot ends of the axles. The output flow can be tuned to the application from a "blast" to a "breeze". It dramatically cuts compressed air use by entraining 24 parts room air to one part compressed air. Noise level is low at 83 dBA.
The New E-VAC vacuum generators
E-Vac is a series of low cost, compressed air powered vacuum generators for "pick and place", clamping, lifting chucking, and surface mounting apllications. Each unit is compact so it can be mounted close to the work surface for fast attach and release times.
E-Vac is an inexpensive replacement for mechanical vacuum pumps that are prone to failure. These vacuum generators can be installed in minutes, use compressed air as the power source and have no moving parts to wear out. This development is certain to be of interest to the readers of the various industrial publications there.


Troubleshooting and repair of Zander high pressure desiccant dryer
Troubleshooting of Zander high pressure desiccant dryer for our customer Essar Wildcat on 8th Aug. 2008
 Essar Oil Ltd. who has purchased the Transocean Wildcat semisubmersible from Mike Mullen and re-named it the Essar Wildcat. Norscot Rig Management Pvt. Ltd. of Mauritius has been awarded the O&M contract to refurbish, upgrade, manage, and operate the rig on a three-year HP/HT contract to Gujarat State Petroleum Corp. The rig will work off India's East coast on a contract beginning May/June 2007.
The Essar Wildcat is the first semisubmersible drilling rig to be owned by an Indian company, and Norscot has assisted in negotiating the purchase and the contract, which is the highest value drilling contract awarded to any rig in India at $357,000/day, the company says.
Norscot is upgrading the rig in Invergordon, Scotland. The semi will have a new Cameron 15,000 psi BOP, which is being built in Singapore by company Subsea Fluids Pte Ltd., and South West Oilfield Products Inc., which is upgrading the mud system and mud pumps to 7,500 psi.
Essar Oil Ltd. subsidiary Essar Oilfields Services is building its rig fleet and has bought seven land rigs through Norscot Trading (India) Pvt. Ltd., which also negotiated long-term leasing contracts for these rigs with Prest SA to Petrobras in Brazil through its subsidiary Norscot Oil & Gas (Brasil) SA. Norscot Oil & Gas (Brasil) is refurbishing and upgrading these rigs with top drives, etc. before beginning contracts with Petrobras.



Factory acceptance test of Jemaco Air Dryers in Busan, Korea  
29th July, 2008
A factory acceptance test was conducted in JEMACO factory (Busan) on 29/07/08 till 30/07/08. The post production inspection was done by Ingersoll-Rand (Singapore) as a pre-requirement to fulfill the contractual agreement on the supply & delivery of the compressed air dryers.
4 units of refrigerated, air cooled dryers, F250KA and 2 units of desiccant dryers, PS350K were supplied for this Qatar waste rate treatment project that is packaged by Ingersoll-Rand South East Asia (Pte) Ltd. These compressed air dryers were modified & engineered specially to meet the strict specifications for the project.



Filtro awarded Qatar Project 
Filtro Pte Ltd was recently awarded the contract for design, supply, delivery, installation supervision and site testing with commissioning for Cartridge Filter System. The Filter System shall be installed in Qatar Domestic Solid Waste Management Centre Project. The contract will be included in Filtro second quarter 2008 backlog.
The award, from Keppel Seghers Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Intergrated Engineering is a contract for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of an integrated solid waste management facility in Qatar, and the Operation and Maintenance of this facility for 20 years. 



Ulbrich Products Pty Ltd  
9th July, 2008
Mr. Gary Clinnick, Managing Director of Ulbrich Products dropped by for his annual visit to our office.
The Ulbrich company produces a range of filtration and other process equipment, particularly strainers as the main product.
We had our annual sales meeting with Mr. Gary Clinnick with particular attention on upcoming markets and solutions that we can offer to our customers, to ensure we continue to provide innovating products to our customers' satisfaction; products that are technically the best, globally, competitive and profitable for our customers.
Mr. Gary Clinnick also went in company with our Sales Engineers to visit a few of our customers and shared invaluable knowledge during the meetings with our main clients.
With Mr. Clinnick's visit, we further renewed and strengthened our ties between both Ulbrec and Filtro.



23rd July, 2008
We warmly welcome Mr. Thomas Fischer, Managing Director of Suto-iTEC to our office.
Suto-iTEC has been a leading solution provider for compressed air measurement technology and we are proud to have Mr. Fischer down personally for product training in Filtro Pte Ltd.
Suto-iTEC have recently renewed and extended their product range and hence a detailed and comprehensive meeting was held in our office from 23rd of July till 25th of July.