The Merger of Filtro Pte Ltd with AFE Airfilter Singapore Pte Ltd


FILTRO has been appointed as Parker’s Service Provider under the Compressed Air & Gas Treatment Group (Filtration Division) since the year 2017.


“Now from SPX JEMACO comes a NEW Standard in compressed air treatment providing energy savings up to 99% and giving consistent dry air!”


How does EXAIR Chip Trapper benefit to you? 
The user’s testimonial: 
o    Complete coolant change out went from every 4 months to once a year. 
o    Reduced barrels of coolant concentrate from 10 barrels to 4 barrels per year.  Roughly a $5,000US annual savings.
o    Bacterial growth dramatically reduced as the Chip Trapper aerates the coolant.
o    Filter bags will remove the chip fines and tramp oils keeping the coolant fresh. 
o    Speed to get the CNC machines back operational and making parts went from 2 hours to ½ hour.


Light Duty Line Vacs

EXAIR created the Light Duty Line Vac to have another method for conveying light materials and removing smoke and fumes. 
The Light Duty Line Vac ranges from 19mm to 152mm hose connections.  They use much less compressed air than their more powerful Line Vac cousins which works great for lightweight materials moving over short distances.  This two-piece design can be used for hopper loading, fiber tensioning, waste/trim removal, part transfer, and smoke removal.   
To share an application, we had a gelatin capsule manufacturer that needed to move his product from the finishing area to packaging; a distance of about 3 meters.  The half capsules would fall into a catchall.  This was a wide oblong funnel that would converge to a 75mm diameter spout.  For this, the customer was able to use a model 132300 to connect the funnel to the Light Duty Line Vac and transfer the empty capsules to packaging.  With the lower flow requirements needed for this product line, the customer could better control the velocity of the transfer to reduce the risk of damaging any capsules.


Removing Static in Pharmaceutical Packaging

When static is created, it can become a real nuisance. 
For this pharmaceutical company, they were having static issues that was greatly affecting the tablet filling station.  They had four major areas generating static in their process.  The first problem area was at the beginning of the process, the precut sheets of plastic.  They would purchase many sheets of plastic from their supplier and as they started to unpack these sheets, a large amount of static would build and shock the operators.  The second problem area was when the blister pack was being thermally formed.  The third problem area was when the tablets were being transferred.  They too were generating static as they were being separated and transferred down the delivery chute.  So, with the tablet and blister tray having static polarities (similar charges repel and opposite charges attract), it would misalign the tablets to the preformed cavity.  The fourth problem area that had static was at the rotating brush.  A brush was used to knock down any raised tablets inside the blister cavity.  As the plastic bristles were rubbing against the tray and tablets, static was being generated.  In order to keep this process running smoothly, they had to eliminate the static in all 4 areas. 
I separated the problem areas and recommended the following solutions:
1. Unpacking of the preformed trays:  As the operators started to unpack the sheets of plastic, they would get a big shock.  Static is being generated as the sheet are moving and sliding across each other.  I recommended the model 111224 Super Ion Air Knife Kit.   The Super Ion Air Knife blows ionized air onto the surface of the plastic.  The operators could perform their jobs as the Super Ion Air Knife could perform its job.  This would remove the static and also remove any plastic fragments or debris off the surface.  Dirt and contamination is also attracted to plastic material by static, and if the trays were not completely clean, the company has a potential to lose an allotment of product.   
Before treatment: 13,300 volts of static
After treating with the 111224 Super Ion Air Knife Kit
2.       Thermal forming machine:  This machine used a heated die to press cavities into a plastic film.  As the tray was being made and pushed along, static was being created.  I recommended the model 7012 Ionizing Bar.   This would neutralize the static of the tray before the tablets were being inserted. 
After forming - No treatment
After forming - with Ionizing Bar
3.       The tablet chute:  As the tablets were being moved and transferred, a static charge was being generated on the surface.  It could have either a negative or positive charge.  The repulsion or attraction forces from static would either cause a delay in dispensing by sticking to a prior tablet or it would cause a shift in the alignment.  Both conditions would cause the tablets to miss the cavities of the blister pack.  I recommended the 7012 Ionizing Bar to mount near the end of the chute.  The Ionizing Bar creates both positive and negative ions to remove any type of static that passes underneath it. 
4.       The rotating brush:  After the tablets are placed in the blister pack and before the foil is applied to totally enclose the package, a rotating brush with plastic bristles would rub on the surface of the plastic tray and the tablets.  This would ensure that the tablets are lying flat in their cavities.  The problem was that the rotating brush would regenerate the static back onto the tablets and the tray.  As you can see with the picture below, it was creating 1.5 Kilovolts of static electricity on the surface.  This static could cause an attraction to dirt and debris just before enclosing the tray with the foil.  I recommended another model 7012 Ionizing Bar to remove this buildup of static.  
After brushing - no treatment
After brushing - with Ionizing Bar
 With any type of static issues, it is best to have a quantitative result of your process. As you can see with this pharmaceutical company, they were using the model 7905 Static Meter. This helped them to locate the problem areas and also how effective the Static Eliminators were. For any customer with potential static issues, you should have a static meter and some type of Static Eliminator to show. If your customer can numerically see the static and how the EXAIR product can remove it, it will make the sale very easy.






Intelligent Compressed Air Solutions for OSHA Compliance 
Sponsored by: Exair
Join Design World and EXAIR for this free, live webinar.
This webinar will educate attendees on the two most common OSHA regulations that are violated by point of use compressed air devices.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Provide better understanding on the OSHA Standards pertaining to point-of-use compressed air:
    • Dead End Pressure – OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.242(b)
    • Noise Level Exposure – OSHA Standard 29 CFR – 1910.95(a)
  • Provide additional health risks associated to compressed air usage:
    • Air Embolism
    • Hearing Loss
  • Provide the ability to identify common violators and show how EXAIR offers engineered solutions to avoid OSHA fines and optimize performance


Following the webinar we will hold a Q&A session.

                            Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT        

Featured Speaker           Moderator


Justin Nicholl                 Paul Heney

Application Engineer        Editorial Director
EXAIR                              Design World


Lechler Nozzles For Tank & Equipment Cleaning 
World leader in nozzles technology with over 135 years of experiences giving you world largest nozzle range.
Please click below to view videos




Holtec awarded the 2015 Winner of the International Growth Award from the Missouri Association of Manufacturers.

Mr. Ken Jones, C.O.O. of Holtec Gas Systems receiving the International Growth Award.


EXAIR CE Declarations of Conformity needed to be updated to reflect changes in the directives to which EXAIR products conformed. Since then, Exair have been going through a rather extensive testing procedure to insure all products for which CE is claimed, have the proper Declarations of Conformity. Today, this project has been finalized.

Declarations for the following product groups have changed:

Air Amplifier
Air Knife
Air Nozzles and Jets
Air Wipe
Atomizing Spray Nozzle
Cabinet Cooler
Electronic Flow Control
Industrial Housekeeping Products
Line Vac
Safety Air Guns
Static Eliminators
Vortex Tubes and Spot Cooling Products

Of course, the most notable addition to this list was for the Static Eliminators. Previously, only the Power Supplies had CE. Now the new power supply along with all Resistor-based Static Eliminators carry the CE mark and will have available the new CE Declaration for them.  Note: The new CE declaration does not cover Ion Bars or old style power supplies. The Ion Bars are still in development and old style power supplies (models 7901, 7907, 7940 and 7941) have their own CE declaration as you will see in the listing at the provided link above. Any changes in the Static Eliminator portion of the product line will be announced accordingly. We will be sure to keep you up to date as developments occur. 



Photo taken at Changi Water Reclamation Plant


Commissioning of 2 units Biogas Chillers at Changi Water Reclamation Plant were successfully carried out by factory (Green Box) engineer together with Filtro's service team in July 2015. The Biogas Chillers are part of a Biogas recovery system for power generation at Changi Water Reclamation Plant.


Two units air cooled chillers of Green Box with cooling capacity of 29 kilowatts each together with 2 units stainless steel heat exchanger were supplied. 




COMMISSIONING IN JURONG SHIPYARD SINGAPORE                                                              

Service Engineer from Filtro carried out the commissioning of Oily Water Separator (OWS) and Oily Water Monitor on board vessel 11-1112 WEST RIGEL CS60 at Jurong Shipyard in June 2015. 

Total 3 units Oily Water Separator (OWS) of 5.7 m3/h each and 2 units Oily Water Monitor for Hazardous area Class I Div II and non-hazardous area. Were supplied to Jurong Shipyard and installed on board vessel 11-1112 WEST RIGEL CS60. 

                                                      Photo taken on board vessel 11-1112 WEST RIGER C60



Photo taken at compressor room


A dryer that is designed for the tropics environment - A True Tropical Dryer.

100% designed, manufactured and tested in Korea.

5 years warranty programme on stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger - conditions applied.




Photo taken at Jurong Mega Yard, Singapore


In November 2014, service engineer from Filtro successfully conducted commissioning of the BOSS Oily Water Separator (OWS) on board the Ocean Apex at Jurong Mega Yard.       

This is IMO MEPC 107 (49) certified Oil Water Separator (OWS) Model: BOSS 45T/107 with capacity of 45 GPM (10.2 m³/hr) with CLASS I DIV II HAZARDOUS AREA. BILGMON 488 Certified Oil Content Monitor and EBARA Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump have been supplied together with the Oily Water Separator (OWS).

The BOSS 45T/107 is able to handle 45 GPM of oily water and certified by IMO MEPC 107 (49). The unit comes with rig option complete with ABS Certificate and built for the stringent Class I DIV II Hazardous Area.




SUCCESS STORY OF HOLTEC GAS SYSTEMS                                                         
Holtec was awarded the Growing Global Business Award by St. Louis World Trade Center in front of a sold out crowd of 700 business leaders at the St. Louis Ritz Carlton in Sept 2014. Being the exclusive distributor in Singapore, Filtro is proud to be part of the Holtec global family.

Mr. Thorstein Holt, President of Holtec Gas Systems (2nd from right) receiving the Growing Global Business Award.




Holtec Gas Systems manufacture Pressure-Swing Adsorption (PSA) and membrane system with exceptional LOW Air to N2 ratio.  Produce your own N2 with:


 ü  LOW N2 COST  

 ü REDUCE OVERALL OPERATING COST                                             





Supplied Nitrogen Generator System to Nanyang Technological University

In July 2014, unloading and positioning for the nitrogen generator system at Nanyang Technological University, School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. 


Commissioning in Jurong Shipyard Singapore

Commissioning of oily water monitor on board vessel NOBLE JU3000N at Jurong Shipyard in early June 2014

Commissioning in TUAS II in Singapore 
STF-Filtros has just successfully finished the commissioning and start-up of the 14 units of FMA 10414 installed in the
desalination plant  TUAS II in Singapore by April 2013. 


Playing Together - Company Trip in Taiwan

Happy Faces - Photo taken in Ching Jing Grassland, Taichung. 


Super Air Knife Deflects Debris Away From Laser Lens

November 22, 2011 — ndraker

Our Super Air Knife is used for a lot of different kinds of applications. One application which does come up every once in a while that you may not hear much about is for protecting lenses of cameras and lasers. Many processes are monitored visually by a camera inspection system or perhaps by a laser measuring system to ensure compliance and accuracy in an application.
One such application was for keeping clean (read deflecting) debris away from a laser cleaning head lens. Our customer provides a variety of “cleaning services” which include sand blasting, dry ice blasting and laser cleaning of various materials. In this case, the cleaning process produced debris which flew up and stuck to the laser lens area. The customer wanted to eliminate this problem and found EXAIR Corporation. Specifically, they found our 6″ Aluminum Super Air Knife. They mounted the Super Air Knife onto the laser head assembly as shown in the diagram below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


The Super Air Knife provided a continuous curtain of air blowing down across the lens area to deflect away any small particles or debris. With the Super Air Knife in position, the customer was able to keep using the laser without having to stop to clean the lens area and experienced a significant increase in productivity with the tooling.
Again, this is just one small example of how the compact nature of the Super Air Knife allows for easy installation onto a moving head like this one. Also, with compressed air as the utility, piping the needed airflow to the Super Air Knife was quick and easy through simple hose and fittings.


Press Release
Date: July 11, 2011
NEW PRODUCT:    Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vacuums Available EXAIR's new Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vac(tm) System is a rugged, industrial duty vacuum cleaner that has been engineered to vacuum high volumes of dry materials in less time than ordinary vacs. It now comes complete with a 30, 55 or 110 gallon drum, making it easy to meet your specific requirements. The wear resistant design is suitable for the clean-up of abrasive materials like steel shot, garnet, metal chips, and sand, yet can also be used for general purpose applications.
The Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vac System is compressed air powered and attaches to the included drum. It is extremely quiet at 82 dBA (half the noise of electric vacs), making it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Surrounding air is kept clean by the 0.1 micron filter bag that traps particles when vacuuming dusty materials. There are no motors or impellers to clog or wear out. It is covered by a five year warranty. The Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vac System comes complete with a 10' (3m) static
resistant hose, 20' (6m) compressed air hose, shutoff valve, pressure gauge, heavy duty tools, toolholder (most systems), drum dolly and 30, 55 or 110 gallon drum.                                                                                                                                                              

Press Release
Date:  August 8, 2011

PRODUCT NEWS: Assure Safe Spot Cooling Operations with EXAIR's CE Compliant Vortex Tubes
EXAIR's Vortex Tubes have always provided a low cost, reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. Now, independent laboratory tests certify that EXAIR's Vortex Tubes have also met the rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards of the European Union in order to attain the CE mark. By taking advantage of the characteristics of rapidly rotating air, EXAIR's Vortex Tubes can convert an ordinary 80-100 PSIG compressed air supply into a stream of air whose temperature can be adjusted to be as cold as -50°F (-46°C). These spot coolers have cooling capacities of up to 10,200 Btu/hr. EXAIR's Vortex Tubes have no moving parts and are constructed of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel. 

Douglas Schopf chooses the Parker Suction & Return Filter

Date:  October 2011

German based OEM Schopf Douglas has decided to use Parker Filtration’s Suction & Return filters.

This OEM manufacturers a wide range of airport service vehicles including aircraft towing and ground transportation vehicles in use at International airports around the world.

The reliability of Douglas Schopf’s vehicle portfolio is important in order to avoid any delay at airports, so when it comes to handling aircraft or towing a train of luggage wagons, there is little or no room left for any malfunction of the hydraulic systems. Suction & Return type filters fulfill the important task of filtering two hydraulic loops, the open circuit of the working hydraulics and the closed loop of the hydrostatic drive system.

Parker’s Suction & Return filters are equipped with the patented Leif ® filter element, enabling Schopf Douglas to guarantee the quality of filtration with end users/operators needing to procure the OEM original spare part to ensure that reliability.

The Parker SRL filter has a unique hydraulic valve arrangement, with the bypass and 0.5 bar back-pressure valve mounted in series, the pump is protected against potential cavitation. Being the most compact Suction & Return filter in its class it supports OEM’s in their endeavour to design more cost effective solutions.

Advantages of the SRL Series include:

• Patented filter element protects OEM aftermarket.

• Reduced risk of cavitation with back pressure and bypass valve in-series.

• The most compact filter in its class.

• Patented Leif ® filter elements.

• Multiple ports availability.                                                                                                                    



FILTRO Appointed as Distributor of FILTROX AG
Filtro Pte Ltd has been appointed distributor of Filtrox Ag for the Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological markets in Singapore.
The Filtrox Group is an international Group of Filtration Companies headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Filtrox Ag focus is in the manufacture of products and engineered solutions providing industrial microfiltration of high-value liquids.
Products include Depth Filter Sheets, Depth Filter Modules, Filter Cartridges, Filter Aids, Filter Presses, and Leaf Filter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           




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