Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges: MicraTube Cartridges
MicraTube filter cartridges are high efficiency bonded, self-supporting, self gasketing resin bonded microfibre filter cartridges that offer particulate removal ......
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Filter Cartridges: MicraLescer Cartridges
MicraLescer filter cartridges are self-supporting, flurocarbon resin bonded, glass microfibre filter cartridges. They are specially designed to coalesce liquid ......
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Filter Cartridges: MicraMesh Cartridges
MicraMesh filter cartridges are precision made, stainless steel mesh cartridges that offer highly accurate micron filtration for both gas ......
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Filter Cartridges: Alternative Cartridges
Micrafilter offers a one-stop source solution to all compressed air filter cartridge requirements. As filtration specialists, Micrafilter manufacture and supply ......
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