Wound Depth, Resin Bonded & Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

Fulflo® Honeycomb™ HFT Filter Cartridges - Various Fibres
Multipurpose filtration solution with parker's wound depth cartridges. Parker Process Filtration has been a leader in filter media innovation ......
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Fulflo® XTL™ Filter Cartridges - Cotton and Polypropylene
Technologically advanced wound cartridge design doubles cartridge life and improves performance. The unique construction of Parker's patented Fulflo XTL ......
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Fulflo® SWC Filter Cartridges - Cotton and Polypropylene
Economical filtration solutions with string wound depth cartridges. Parker Process Filtration's SWC filter cartridge offers a wide range of ......
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Fulflo® MegaBond Plus™ MBP Filter Cartridges - Polypropylene
Fixed pore structure depth cartridges with high dirt holding capacity & absolute rated filtration efficiency. Parker's Fulflo MegaBond Plus ......
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Fulflo® DuraBond™ DBC Filter Cartridges - Polyolefin
Economical filtration with high strength thermally bonded depth cartridges. Parker's Fulflo DuraBond Cartridges are the most economical high strength ......
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Fulflo® Ecobond™ EBC Filter Cartridges - Polypropylene
Parker's Fulflo EcoBond Cartridges are the most economical high purity filter cartridge available. Featuring a graded density matrix of ......
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Avasan™ AVS Filter Cartridge - Polypropylene
High purity melt blown depth cartridges. Avasan (AVS) cartridges are manufactured with Parker's proprietary melt blown manufacturing process using ......
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Fulflo® ProBond™ PRO Filter Cartridges - Phenolic Resin/Acrylic Fiber
A patented breakthrough in resin bonded cartridge design, Parker ProBond cartridges have a unique proprietary two-stage filtration design to ......
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