Filtration Technology

Microfilter - Compressed Air, Gas & Vacuum Filters
ZANDER supplies Microfilters in two housing formats: G-Housings with threaded connection from G 1/4 to G3 High grade aluminum ......
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Process Filters
ZANDER Sterile Filters are specially designed to remove all micro-organisms and thus produce 100% sterile compressed air. This air ......
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Steam Filters
Series D Extremely large dimensional stability under high pressure differential and extreme stress A design free from the use of ......
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High Efficiency Water Separators - Series WA
Bulk water which exists in all compressed air systems causes problems - corrosion of pipes, permanent damage to valves, ......
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Filter Elements
ZANDER filter elements for compressed air and technical gases are suitable for ZANDER filter housings and housings of other ......
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High Advanced Filter Elements
The results achieved using the ZANDER ADVANCED technology motivated us to break though the barriers of micro-filtration with the ......
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ZANDER also offers the following Filtration Technology products: Vent Filters High Pressure Filters Paint Compatible Filters Stainless Steel Filters Fine ......
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