Dryer Technology

Refrigeration Dryers - Arctic Star
The new ARTIC STAR refrigeration dryer range treats compressed air efficiently, meeting the user needs and eliminating the problems ......
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Adsorption Dryers - ECODRY K-MT Multitronic
The new cold regenerated adsorption dryer made by ZANDER combines proven reliable elements of adsorption technology in a clear ......
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Adsorption Dryers - ECODRY KEN-MT Multitronic
"Heatless" adsorption dryers from the ZANDER factory benefit from a simple but effective design and many years experience manufacturing ......
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Adsorption Dryers - CONCEPT WVModular
The new generation of ZANDER patented vacuum heat regenerated adsorption dryers is the result of continuous research and development ......
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Adsorption Dryers - CONCEPT WExternal
The external classic as proven blower type adsorption dryer by ZANDER is the result of many years of experience. ......
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Adsorption Dryers - CONCEPT WKCompression
The WK range of dryers uses the heat of compression from an oil-free compressor to dry compressed air. It ......
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High Pressure Dryers - ECODRY HDK-MT multitronic
The compact system for reliable treatment of compressed air in the high-pressure range from 100 bar - 350 bar ......
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Oil Vapour Adsorber - AKM & AKN Series
Oil vapour adsorption from compressed air and gases. Oil aerosols down to a particle size of 0.01 micron can ......
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Membrane Dryer - SUNSEP W Series
The SUNSEP-W membrane dryer series is specially designed for drying compressed air and gases up to 800l/min. New methods ......
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Terminal Station Dryer - MDK Series
Cost effective drying of compressed air/gas for small capacities Pressure dew-point -40° F (-40°C) Constantly monitored by means of a ......
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