High Pressure Series

15P/30P Series
These applications examples have one thing in common: the need for clean hydraulic fluid. Modern high pressure hydraulic systems ......
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50P Series
The 50P series allows you to customize each filter to closely match your needs. Choose the options which best ......
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18/28/38P Series
Parker Filtration's Hydraulic Filter Division engineered the 18/28/38P series of high pressure filters to satisfy demanding applications in the ......
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272/372 Series
A rugged modular design for applications to 6000 PSI. Parker’s high pressure filters are the finest you can buy. ......
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1000 Series
Servo Saver Series
ServoSaver filters offer point-of-use filtration for some of the most sensitive hydraulic valves that there are, servo/proportional valves. Complete ......
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12S Series
12S Series is lightweight offering ease of service and installation. It also eliminates cross contamination by draining all oil ......
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100P Series
The 100P Series is designed to meet the growing demand for high-pressure filters with a flow rate capacity of ......
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70/70 Eco Series
High quality 420 bar in-line pressure filters designed to offer high levels of protection at flows up to 450 ......
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22PD/32PD Series
Specially designed to offer continuous operation, even during element change. A changeover valve operates on the upstream side of ......
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