Self-Cleaning Screen Filter FMA 2000


STF filters Serie 2000 are electric drive automatic screen filters. They are specially designed for demanding filtrations with low flow rates for municipal and irrigation applications.

They have exceptional high performance due to the low backwashing water consumption. Thanks to the STF nozzles with nylon brushes the distance between the filtering screen and the suction nozzles is zero, and this together with the controlled helical motion of the electric motor make this filter the most efficient filter on the market. STF electric drive range of filters can operate in the most extreme climate conditions with the minimum water consumption due to their backwashing system with patented nylon brushes.

- Continuous filtration process during the backwashing cycle.

- Minimum backwashing water consumption.

- We offer the possibility to put together several filters and use one programmer for all of them.

- Two versions: PVC and stainless steel filtering cartridge.

- Filtration degrees from 100 up to 1000 microns.

- State- of- the- Art screens that guarantee 100% the filtration degree.

- Flow rates between 5 and 1.250 m³/h.



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