Self-Cleaning Screen Filter FMA 6000


STF filters Serie 6000 are electric drive automatic screen filters. They are specially designed for their assembly in piping alignments with high flow rates for municipal, industrial and irrigation applications.

The main feature of this device is no pressure is required for self-cleaning.  The filters in the FMA 6000 series are coupled directly to the pipe by means of standardized flanges, as an element thereof. The only installation required is the connection of electrical and control elements.

All materials are top quality, and stainless steel is used in all mechanical components in contact with water. The filter body is made of carbon steel. The mechanical elements are placed in the “clean water” side so that no foreign body can affect its operation.  

-    Continuous filtration process during the backwashing cycle.

-    Double Diamond screen that diminishes the head loss and make the backwashing

-    1, 1,5 and 2 mm filtration degrees.

-    It is designed for tubes between  500 mm and 3 meters diameter. (16 – 120”)

-    Flow rates up to 52.000 m³/h.


Filter operation

Water flows through the rotating screen, which retains the particles which are larger than the screen size. When the preset pressure differential is reached, the cleaning process starts, which is carried out by sectors, with the waste being collected at the cleaning collector to be expelled to the outside. 

At that moment the crown begins to rotate to a sector positioned precisely in the cleaning chamber, immediately followed by opening the flush valve and starting the pump to inject water through the nozzles on the “clean water” side of the screen.  A thorough cleaning of the screen is achieved thanks to these nozzles. The flush valve is open for the time set and is then closed. The crown moves to the next sector and the flush valve opening and closing cycle begins again.

By positioning the sector in the cleaning chamber, this is kept entirely watertight by means of a system of nylon bristles. Therefore, by opening the flush valve, all the water passes through the filtering screen in the opposite direction to filtering, which results in considerable savings in water usage for cleaning.

An electronic system protects mechanically the equipment. It consists of an electronic torque limiter, a progressive start system and a crown position electronic control.