LEAQS Leakage Management System

Leakage management is the single most cost effective measure you can take in a compressed air system in order to save energy and capital. Why invest in additional capacity or more efficient compressors before you have addressed the leakage situation? It simply means you are producing waste more efficiently, or you can avoid unnecessary investment altogether. A leakage management programme generally has a pay-back period less than 6 months. Leakages cost money every minute, hour and week of the year but the average repair cost for a LEAQS project is less than 10% of the leakage cost identified. On average, even what would be considered a good system will have a leakage rate between 20-30 %. A LEAQS leakage management programme will reduce air consumption and provide savings almost immediately.
Time is money, therefore the LEAQS concept is focused on minimizing project time. The total time of the project, from start up to completion of the remedial actions are key factors for the financial results of the project. A LEAQSproject will be completed and accounted for at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to undertake an in-house project, with better, verifiable results.

The central part of the LEAQS concept is the Computer Aided Leakage Management (C.A.L.M™) system. It is a web based system for- the reporting, -logistics of repair, - cost monitoring and analysis. It has proven to reduce project time by several months. The reduction in project time translates directly to your bottom line.

The LEAQS Group

The LEAQS organisation is committed to the detection and prevention of leakages primarily in compressed air systems. As a completely independent third-party, our only interest is to reduce our client's leakage level and maintain them at their lowest possible level. By detecting and documenting leakages, implementing reporting systems and providing web based logistic solutions to the remedial actions, our clients achieve not only considerable and verified energy savings but also an improved overall economy, through productivity increases and reduced maintenance costs.

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